About us

The Reiefestival is an interdisciplinary arts festival that connects heritage and history with contemporary performing arts. The festival takes place in August 2023 at various open-air locations on and around the Bruges canals and will run over several days. It focuses on new creations.

Reiefeesten becomes Reiefestival

In 2013, after 50 years, Reiefeesten (a historical reenactment festival) on and around the Bruges canals came to an end. In 2023, the festival returns as part of a cultural cycle in which the Triennial Bruges, the Gouden Boomstoet (Pageant of the Golden Tree) and – from now on – the Reiefestival will be alternating. The concept is completely different: with the Reiefestival, Bruges gains a high-quality three-yearly festival for performing arts with a focus on creation.

Bruges’ historical heritage remains setting and source of inspiration, and each edition has creators working on one particular theme. Creators could submit proposals via an open call until 30 November 2021.

Who’s involved?

The Reiefestival is an initiative of Brugge Plus, in collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge and KAAP, and supported by the City of Brugge..

Organisation Brugge Plus

Brugge Plus is the organiser of the Reiefestival. The non-profit organisation grew out of the non-profit organisation Bruges 2002, Cultural Capital of Europe, and has been commissioned by the City of Bruges to bring culture to all residents and visitors, in a welcoming atmosphere and with an eye for sustainability. As such, we help bolster the city’s positive image as a contemporary, inclusive and dynamic cultural city.

The activities of Brugge Plus are mono- or multi-disciplinary and are staged in the public space. We are partnered in this initiative with the competent city services and the city’s many cultural and social organisations. Moreover, all the activities are organised with the core values of quality, participation and sustainability in mind. We organise social and cultural events and projects on (inter) national, regional and local level.

The events range from gastronomy and circus to contemporary arts: Cirque Plus, Feest in ‘t Park, Kookeet, Uitwijken, Belgiek, Film op het Strand, Lichtfeest Lissewege, Iedereen Klassiek, Krikrak, Wintergloed and Triennal Bruges.


When you have further questions, you can contact project manager Alan Quireyns: alan.quireyns@reiefestival.be.

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